FIRST Festival of Champions


Expanding the FIRST Championship Experience Even Further…

Two years ago we announced the expansion of FIRST Championship to two events – these plans were met with a lot of questions, concerns, and excitement. While FIRST is not about winning or losing, we promised to explore options for how the winning FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition Alliances from each Championship might meet and compete.

Introducing the FIRST Festival of Champions!
July 28-29, 2017 in New Hampshire

As promised, we did explore options and we think we came up with a thrilling, meaningful, and ultimately unforgettable way to honor our world-class teams that rise to this level. The FIRST Festival of Champions will take place where it all began, in New Hampshire (where the inaugural FIRST competition was held over 25 years ago), and is designed to be an experiential reward that includes:

  • Robots
  • Education
  • Camaraderie
  • Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities such as VIP tours of FIRST Headquarters and Dean Kamen’s company DEKA Research and Development, as well as a celebratory dinner at Dean Kamen’s home in Bedford, N.H.


Recognizing outstanding competitors

The winning FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition Alliances from both Championship events will meet in competition on Saturday, July 29. Chairman’s and Inspire Award-winning teams from both Championships will not be competing with their robots, but they will have important roles and places of honor during the playoff event. Unlike other official FIRST events, there are no registration fees for those teams earning the opportunity to participate.


You’re invited! Like all FIRST events, the FIRST Festival of Champions is free and open to as many in-person spectators as we can safely accommodate. 


Join the celebration and #makeitloud! We’ll be live streaming the event so our entire Community can be a part of the celebration. Be sure to stay connected with us and #makeitloud on social media!


Stay tuned!

We’re very excited to honor FIRST Championship experience and honor teams at the FIRST Festival of Champions in New Hampshire this summer! Get real-time updates and be part of the #FIRSTFestivalofChamps conversation online at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.