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What is FIRST ® LEGO® League?

In FIRST LEGO League, children are immersed in real-world science and technology challenges. Teams research and design their own solution to a current scientific question or problem while they also build and program autonomous robots using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology to perform a series of missions.

Through their participation, children develop valuable life skills and discover exciting career possibilities, while learning that they can make a positive contribution to society.

Expand below to learn about HYDRO DYNAMICSSM



FIRST LEGO League teams undertake a two-part Challenge based on a real-world topic. During the HYDRO DYNAMICSSM season, teams explored how to improve the ways people find, transport, use, or dispose of water, all while operating under the FIRST LEGO League signature set of Core Values, emphasizing teamwork and good sportsmanship.

The Project

FIRST LEGO League teams research and solve real-world problems just like scientists and engineers. Each team was asked to:

  • Identify a problem within the human water cycle
  • Design a solution that makes this problem better
  • Share your problem and solution with others

The Robot Game

Teams built and programmed an autonomous robot using a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® kit to solve a set of missions on a playing field. Each mission represents the amazing engineering used to protect the most precious liquid asset – water.

The Robot Game Missions

In the Robot Game, teams can earn points if the field shows the following at the end of a 2.5-minute match.

  1. Pipe Removal – Move the Broken Pipe so it is completely in base
  2. Flow – Move a Big Water to the other team’s field
  3. Pump Addition – Move the Pump Addition so it has contact with the mat
  4. Rain – Make at least one Rain come out of the Rain Cloud
  5. Filter – Move the Filter north until the Lock Latch drops
  6. Water Treatment – Make the Water Treatment model eject its Big Water
  7. Fountain – Make the Fountain’s middle layer rise
  8. Manhole Covers – Flip Manhole Cover(s) over
  9. Tripod – Move the Inspection Camera Tripod
  10. Pipe Replacement – Move a new pipe so it is where the broken one started
  11. Pipe Construction – Move a new pipe
  12. Sludge – Move the Sludge so it is touching the visible wood of any of the six drawn garden boxes
  13. Flower – Make the Flower rise and stay there, due only to a Big Water in the brown pot
  14. Water Well – Move the Water Well so it has contact with the mat
  15. Fire – Make the fire drop by making the Firetruck apply direct force to the House’s lever
  16. Water Collection – Move or catch Big Water and/or Rain water
  17. Slingshot – Move the Slingshot so it is completely in its target
  18. Faucet – Make the water level obviously more blue than white as seen from above the cup, only by turning the Faucet handle



If you Interrupt the Robot, the Referee places one of the removed Samples in the white triangle as an Interruption Penalty. Teams can get up to six such penalties, worth -5 Points each.