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Dean Kamen watching match

Welcome to the 2018 FIRST ® Championship!

Congratulations to all the FIRST  ® teams competing and exhibiting at the 2018 FIRST Championship Presented by Qualcomm® Incorporated. Whether you’ve built, designed, researched, coded, presented, marketed, or fundraised as part of your team, you’ve worked incredibly hard to get here. Have fun, and remember that the rewards of your efforts don’t stop at this event. If you continue to nurture them, the skills you’ve learned and the friendships you’ve made through FIRST will stay with you throughout your life.

To the inspired adults supporting our teams – the mentors, coaches, volunteers, sponsors, donors, alumni, and supporters who make FIRST programs possible – we send our sincere thanks. Your heartfelt dedication is changing lives in your community and around the world. We hope you’re invigorated each time you see a student explore something new, try again after a failure, or collaborate with peers to solve a problem. The FIRST Championship is a celebration of your impact.

We’re also grateful for the local volunteers, businesses, and supporters who make our host cities of Houston and Detroit feel like home for tens of thousands from the FIRST community. Thank you for welcoming us with open arms.

If this is your first time attending the FIRST Championship, be prepared to witness something extraordinary – and we don’t mean robots. You will quickly learn that FIRST is not about building robots. We are using robots to build kids into the people who will transform our world.

We are channeling young people’s raw curiosity to think critically and seek ways to improve the world around them by harnessing the power of creative problem solving, collaboration, and Gracious Professionalism®. To learn more, roam the pits and chat with teams; they have inspiring stories to share.

  • Elementary and middle school teams will tell you what they’ve learned about the human water cycle and their solutions for some of the world’s most pressing water problems, which they developed through the AQUA ADVENTURE℠ (FIRST ® LEGO® League Jr.) and HYDRO DYNAMICS℠ (FIRST ® LEGO® League) Challenges.
  • Middle school and high school teams will put their self-designed robots and Coopertition® skills to the test by competing in alliances on themed playing fields in FIRST RELIC RECOVERY℠ Presented by Qualcomm (FIRST ® Tech Challenge) and FIRST POWER UP℠ (FIRST ® Robotics Competition).

While you’re attending FIRST Championship, be sure to visit the FIRST Innovation Faire, where organizations across industries gather to entertain and educate with hands-on exhibits and demonstrations. Check out Scholarship Row to learn why colleges, universities, and organizations offer more than $70 million in scholarship opportunities to students participating on FIRST teams. Learn something new at a FIRST Championship Conference session. Finally, join us Saturday night for the heart-pounding thrills of the FIRST Closing Celebration.

We guarantee you’ll leave inspired.


Dean Kamen, FIRST Founder

Donald E. Bossi, FIRST President