COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy

Summary of Event Health and Safety Guidelines (updated April 12, 2022)
The following precautionary measures are currently in place for the event. With final preparations well underway, we do not anticipate a change to our protocols. We look forward to seeing you in Houston!

Attendees refer to all participants, volunteers, staff, spectators, and guests.

  • Code of Conduct: Attendees are required to follow all signage and instructions from event staff and follow the FIRST Code of Conduct, including demonstrating Gracious Professionalism at all times.
  • Event registration:  All attendees are required to register to attend the event. It is strongly recommended to register in advance of arrival to minimize wait times and limit congestion in the registration area.
  • Self-Evaluation: All attendees are encouraged to perform a brief daily health self-evaluation to check for common symptoms of illness before entering the event. Attendees should not attend the event if they have symptoms of illness, or have recently been in close contact with someone with symptoms of illness and have not been vaccinated.
  • Face coverings: Masks are required for all attendees and must be worn within the George R. Brown Convention Center when not eating or drinking. Attendees are asked to bring a sufficient supply of suitable face coverings for the duration of the event.
  • Vaccination: Vaccination greatly reduces the risks associated with COVID-19. We strongly recommend everyone who is eligible and has access to a vaccine consult with their physician and be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, with booster shots if applicable, prior to attending the event.
  • Social Distancing: When possible, attendees are encouraged to practice social distancing and to remain in cohorts to limit interactions with those outside of their group. Attendees are expected to practice good hand hygiene.
  • Additional Venue Measures: The George R. Brown Convention Center is GBAC STAR™ ACCREDITED. GBAC STAR™ is the cleaning industry’s only outbreak prevention, response & recovery accreditation.  The venue has implemented the following:
    • Touchless technologies including sliding doors at all entry points, light switch sensors in conference rooms, permanent door stops, water fountains, paper towel and soap dispensers, and payment options
    • Updated cleaning and disinfection measures throughout the facility with a focus on increasing frequency of disinfection in high-traffic areas and commonly touched points
    • More than 50 hand sanitizing stations have been conveniently placed throughout the building with ION Pure plastic with antibacterial agents
    • All hand dryers have been replaced with Excel Dryer XL-SBH XLERATOR Hand Dryers with HEPA Filtration. This allows hygienic hand-drying with 99.99% removal of viruses from the airstream
    • All escalators are equipped with UV-C sanitizer to consistently disinfect handrails
    • Event and commonly used areas are sprayed with electrostatic sprayers containing hospital-grade disinfectants
    • Upgraded Merv13 filters throughout the facility
    • Mobile coronavirus-killing air purifiers developed by Integrated Viral Protection (
    • Learn more about Houston’s Clean Pledge